Dyce Community Helpful Hampers

We are looking for donations that will be made into “Helpful Hampers”. This will go to support our local community.

Donations will be collected between Monday 22nd November and Friday 10th December.

What can be donated? Donations of non-perishable food and Christmas gifts such as biscuits, sweets (luxury items) toiletries, small Christmas decorations and small toys. Donations will be collected from registration classes each morning or you can drop off some items at the main school office.

SQA – Share Your Views

SQA has set up panels of key stakeholders so they can get ‘quick pictures’ of what different groups think about important issues. They are asking a range of stakeholder groups to opt in to taking part in a pulse survey.

A pulse survey is a fast survey system intentionally designed to be carried out frequently to take a ‘pulse check’ on views on different topics.

For all groups, the time commitment would be minimal. The SQA do not have a means of contacting parents directly.

If you wish to take part, please click on the relevant link below.


The SQA have written a message for parents and carers to help clarify the approach to awarding courses at N5, Higher and Advanced Higher in 2021-22. Click on the link for more information.

Parent guide to NQ assessments 2021-22 – SQA