School News

International School Status (Intermediate Level)

Dyce Academy has been awarded the prestigious status of International Schools Status by the British Council in recognition of its global work and commitment. Dyce Academy has been recognised for embedding an international ethos through our year round international activity. The majority of our pupils are impacted by and involved in international work. In particular, our collaborative, curriculum- based work across a range of subjects with our partner school in Kenya.

Energy Apprentice

Our congratulations go to Aakash Gupta, Druhv Makwana, Andrew Macleod and Liam Shield for winning the final of Energy Apprentice. The boys won I-pads for themselves and a 3D printer for the school. Fantastic Achievement.


Conor Ross has taken 1st place in a regional photographic competition. We wish him every success when his winning photograph goes forward into the National Final.

A Moment to Shine

On Tuesday 12th June, a busload of Dyce Academy pupils cheered on Drew Copeland as he carried the Olympic torch through the small village of Marykirk.  To watch Drew carry the torch was an amazing experience for all who were there. Drew was nominated by his fellow school pupils and staff for demonstrating excellence in all areas of his life. Drew is the epitome of the Olympian spirit of fair play- always respectful to opponents and team-mates alike. Drew’s generous spirit is apparent in his coaching of youngest pupils, sharing his expertise, volunteering in the PE Department and his support and encouragement of others. In this way he contributes to the wider school community and the curriculum life of the school. All of this is done on a voluntary basis in a very modest fashion. He is a natural leader and an exemplary role model. He demonstrates respect for himself in his desire to always do the best he can, including being a friend to all that know him.

A huge well done to the pupils who travelled. We were delighted to receive an e-mail from one of the police officers assigned to the torch relay congratulating our pupils on their excellent behaviour and good spirits. They were excellent ambassadors for the school.

Well done Dyce Academy.