S2 Expressive Arts IDL Project – Aberdeen Harbour

S2 students have been working all term across Art, Drama and Music on a cross curricular project based on Aberdeen Harbour. Looking at the history and cultural connections of the harbour, students have been exploring through the arts the impact the harbour has and plays on their community.

Students shared their work to each other which included art work based on ‘the plastic sea’ and ‘historic Aberdeen’. The Art students were lucky to work with local artist Tracey Johnston who helped develop skills, share her experience and enable our young people to create some stunning work. Students hared their music technology creation and graphic scores of ‘the sounds of the harbour’ as well as a live physical theatre performance called ‘Our Aberdeen’ which looked at key moments in the history of the harbour.

Faculty Head, Mr Naples-Campbell, said ‘All this term students have been working hard to look at their history and community. This has been an exciting project to work and it’s been great to see our young people celebrate their work on a day of sharing.’

Fraser Dow from S2 said ‘It’s been really interesting and I was excited to show others in my year what we had worked on, it was good to put what we had learnt into practice.’


Updated: 10 October 2018 — 8:46 am