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Holocaust Education Course – 2017 Children and Young People’s Awards Nomination

On Thursday we received news that our Holocaust Education Course has received a nomination for the Promoting Inclusion Award as part of the 2017 Children and Young People’s Services Awards programme. Our course has been recognised as a programme of excellence with the awards committee stating ‘The Holocaust provides one of the most effective subjects for examining basic moral issues. A structured inquiry into this history yields critical lessons for an investigation into human behaviour. It also addresses one of the central mandates of education in our curriculum which is to examine what it means to be a responsible citizen. Dyce Academy’s ‘Holocaust Education’ programme enables our young people to become Leaders in using their voice to fight inequality, stand up to hatred and change the world in which they live in’.

We are incredibly proud of all involved.  The Awards will be held in September.

S5-6 Course Changes

S5-6 students wishing to make any course changes in light of exam results, must see their Guidance Teacher in the first instance.  This should be arranged as soon as possible when school returns on Tuesday.  Until your new course choice has been confirmed by Guidance or Mrs Jamieson, you must attend classes on your original timetable.  Teaching Staff will not accept pupils leaving or entering classes until these procedures have been gone through.  All course changes must be completed by Friday 25 August.

SQA Results 2017

Congratulations to everyone on your results today. We hope you have been rewarded for your efforts.

Information about your SQA Certificate and the Results Service can be found on the SQA website. A copy of the SQA Post Results Service document is also available on the School Documents page of this website.

If you wish to be considered for Priority Marking Review for UCAS purposes, this must be intimated to the school by 12 noon on Tuesday 15 August by e-mailing dyceacademy@aberdeencity.gov.uk.

Free School Meals Registration

If you are on a low income or benefits and have children at school then you could be eligible for free school meals for your children.

As part of a recent Scottish Government Campaign £120 million has been provided to help raise attainment with a focus on supporting those children and young people who face barriers to their learning due to the impact of poverty. The funding is called Pupil Equity Funding (PEF).

For each pupil who is registered for free school meals, their school receives £1200 pupil equity funding from the government. This money is to help your school to fund a wide range of initiatives to support achievement.

If you are eligible for free school meals, please register your child now. Even if your child does not wish to take up the option of having the free school meal every day, we would encourage you to register so that the school will receive the pupil equity funding to support learning.

Registering is easy and will only take a short time to complete. Application forms can be accessed in the following ways-

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