Department News

Modern Languages

Pupils’ academic achievement

  • In order to ensure that pupils continue to achieve good results at exams in Modern Languages, we have regular Study Groups on Mondays and Wednesdays at lunchtime in the Department, where they can work on specific skills and do additional work.  Some pupils have used this opportunity to improve their SQA Writing Folio work.

Raising motivation

Citizenship plays an important part in the Modern Languages Faculty.  We organize events throughout the year to raise pupils’ awareness of the global world.

  • In September, we celebrate European Day of Languages.  Pupils have performed songs, poems, sketches, they have played music and taken part in sporting activities from different parts of the world.
  • A school trip to Spain is organised on a regular basis in October, where pupils can experience a different culture and are exposed to the Foreign Language.
  • Last year, Dyce Academy hosted the “Rencontres Théatrales”, a French drama competition for S1 to S3 pupils organised by the French Institute in Scotland.  Our group gained 2nd place.  In March 2012, they will take part in the competition at Bucksburn Academy and the play will be a joined effort between the ML and Drama Departments.
  • To celebrate Europe Day on 9 May, S1 pupils take part in a quiz in the library.  In December 2011, S1 pupils, took part in a Christmas quiz in the library.  Certificates are awarded to the winning teams.
  • Visitors from the world of work or native foreign speakers are invited to the Department to address classes.
  • During term 2, S2 pupils will be working on a joint project between the ML and HE Departments, where they will cook a recipe while studying the topic of Food in French.


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Social Subjects – In-class Activities

History ‘Lunchtime Picnic’ – all S4 Historians were encouraged to come along (and bring their lunch) to sessions where they could further develop their confidence in exam questions (Sept/Oct).

AH Modern Studies – Craiginches Prison tour, primary research (Questionnaire) carried out with general public in Asda Mall, University Library tour which has led to pupils using the library in their own time to further their studies

Int Modern Studies – visit from Community Police Officer to enhance pupil knowledge and understanding of Crime topic, opportunity to visit Scottish Parliament offered and in February a Chinese teacher visiting Aberdeen City is coming in to enhance pupil knowledge and understanding of China topic.

S3 Standard Grade Modern Studies class visited the Scottish Parliament in early October. They received a talk from Malcolm Bruce MP in late October. They are preparing for a visit to Fergus House, residential home for the elderly at the end of January and beginning of February.

S4 Standard Grade Modern Studies class received a talk from Mr W Wallace, Trade Union Official from UNITE in December.

S4 Environmental Education have been engaged in the RSPB annual Birdwatch survey.